Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Some of the risks include:

• Causing acne and different skin reactions
• Sleep apnea will worsen
• Enlarging breasts
• Stimulating the growth of the prostate. The existing prostate cancer cells will also grow further
• Excessive red blood cell production will be stimulated, and there will be a higher risk of blood clots forming. A clot can break loose, and it will travel through your bloodstream, and it may lodge in your lungs.
• Sperm production will be limited. Your testicles will also shrink.

There is some research that states testosterone replacement therapy will increase your chances of heart disease. To avoid some of these issues, you should consult a medic first. The doctor will walk you through the risks and benefits of some of these treatment options. Before recommending testosterone replacement therapy, the doctor will also measure your testosterone levels.

It is not advisable to opt for testosterone replacement therapy as an anti-aging solution. Suppose you’re not suffering from any medical condition that is affecting your testosterone levels. In that case, the doctor will recommend natural ways to boost your testosterone levels which include increased muscle mass and weight loss.

About Shockwave Therapy

blood vesselFocused Shockwave Therapy is highly recommended for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. The only issue is that the treatment technique isn’t FDA-approved. The treatment is pill-free, and it guarantees positive results.

Shockwave therapy will be advisable for a man suffering from vasculogenic erectile dysfunction- a blood vessel disorder that mainly affects the blood flow to the penis tissue. The therapy is yet to be tested for other forms of erectile dysfunction.

About Shockwave Therapy

The therapy is non-invasive, and it is mainly used by orthopedics to treat broken bones, injured tendons, and injured ligaments. Through shockwave therapy, it is possible to improve wound healing. An erection is dependent on the blood flowing to your penis tissue. The shockwave therapy will strengthen and repair the blood vessels present in the penis, and the blood flow will improve in the process.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

sexual function A wand-like device is used to administer shockwave therapy on various areas of the penis. The medical practitioner will move the device along different parts of the penis for at least 15 minutes, and it will emit gentle pulses. The medic won’t have to administer anesthetics.

The pulse trigger will ensure the blood flow has improved. Tissue remodeling will also take place in your penis. Each of these changes will ensure you’ll have an erection that will lead to sufficient sex.

Final Thoughts

As a man, you need to take good care of your health. We’ve looked into some of the ways you can gain from anti-aging. For instance, you need to get enough sleep and also apply sunscreen if you’ll be exposed to the sun for long. For men with erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy and shockwave therapy will come in handy.