Men’s Sexual Health

Testosterone replacement therapy will make you feel more vigorous and younger as you age. However, you should know the risks involved before opting for such treatment techniques.

You should also understand the misconceptions revolving around testosterone replacement therapy and what the treatment can’t and can do for you. Such forms of therapy aren’t an ultimate anti-aging formula.

What’s Testosterone?

man hormonesThis is a hormone mainly found in the testicles. Testosterone in a man will help to maintain:

• Fat distribution
• Bone density
• Body and facial hair
• Muscle mass and strength
• Sex drive
• Red blood cell production
• Sperm production

Are testosterone levels affected as people age?

aging During adolescence, your testosterone levels will go up. As you grow older, your testosterone levels will go down. For older men, you should determine whether the testosterone levels are because of normal aging or because of a disease.

Ailments such as hypogonadism will affect your testosterone levels. Your body’s ability to produce testosterone will be affected since your testicles have an issue. The testicles are mainly controlled by the pituitary gland. Such issues can be solved using testosterone replacement therapy, and your signs and symptoms will improve in the process.

You should know that when the testosterone levels go down naturally, the signs and symptoms of aging won’t come about. Men will experience numerous symptoms during the aging process. Some of the symptoms that usually appear include:

• Emotional changes- low testosterone levels will lead to decreased self-confidence and motivation. You’ll feel depressed and sad. Also, you may have issues remembering things and concentrating.
• Physical changes- some physical changes are possible, including an increase in body fat, decreased bone density, and reduced muscle bulk. Tender or swollen breasts and also body hair loss is possible. You’ll have less energy than usual too.
• Changes in your sexual functioning- your sexual desire will reduce. You’ll also have lesser spontaneous erections.

Some of the signs and symptoms listed above will be caused by different factors such as side effects from medication, thyroid issues, obstructive sleep apnea, depression, and diabetes. Some of these conditions will affect your testosterone levels, which means treatment will result in an improvement in your testosterone levels.

Blood tests will be carried out to determine whether you have low testosterone levels. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy will help reverse the issues that come about when you’re affected by hypogonadism. Nonetheless, it’s unclear whether the testosterone replacement therapy will be beneficial to older men who are still healthy, but their testosterone levels are generally low because of aging.

Some men believe that when they undergo testosterone replacement therapy, they’ll feel more vigorous and younger. You should know there is limited research to support these claims in healthy men. In some men, testosterone replacement therapy will help to improve sexual function. However, no evidence is there to ascertain that energy and vitality will improve in men.